Trade War : The Proxy World War


Trade War, the term which was pretty much is a history where soldiers do fight for their countries in the battlefield without Guns and Grenades.

But as the technology and resources developed these wars which don’t require ammunition and it requires some kind of strong mental mindset and ability to just do the right thing at the right time.

We are surrounded by wars, the war to earn a living, a war to live a good life and a war to be a successful person. The life itself is a war to get some position in life to be free of all the tensions in life.

Just like that world also fights wars in the form some alias for peaceful wars which is involved money, politics and internet and could be any mode.

Just for instance if a product has much more demand in the market and then some company makes a deal with that company and make an FTT (Forced Technology Transfer). Being done that they open a clone of the same company with a different name with the quality of the product being as bad and started selling things at a competitive price less than the cost of raw materials.

The products which have a high cost of production their sales decline and the companies go into loss and get bankrupt.

These losses about the company have is the main reason why the trade war between the countries are susceptible and this can cause real damage to the economy and sometimes this becomes some funny side how these wars have been fought.

We look at some trade wars which happened around the world

Opium War

The drug war is one of the most offensive wars and a lot of people has been killed by nasty criminals.

trade wars
Almost At A War

The First Opium Trade War was fought between the Qing dynasty and the British Empire between 1839 and 1842 over ban on the trafficking of the substance by the British East India Company to China.

This led to China losing Hong Kong to Britain During the second Opium war between 1856-1860, Britain along with France forced China to open all of China to foreign merchants and exempt foreign import duties.

Sale goods English Guangzhou China 1858
An Opium Smoking and Selling Zone

The Second Opium War was fought between the Qing and Britain and France, 1856-1860. In each war, the EU forces used recently developed warfare technology to defeat the Qing forces and compelled the govt to grant favourable tariffs, trade concessions, and territory.

second opium war 2800x1440 1
An equiments marketing

Both the wars weakened the Qing dynasty and led to the modernization of China.


War On Chicken: The Chicken Trade War

In the early 1960s, France and Germany imposed high tariffs on American chickens as demand for European chickens fell with people savouring cheaper American chickens.

trade war

The US retaliated with imposing higher tariffs on a bunch of commodities including French brandy and Volkswagen buses.

trade war daily FX wiss Franc Euro Trade War.png.full
PC: Daily FX

It even threatened to chop NATO troops to Europe. However, France and Germany didn’t yield pressure although consumers from each side of the Atlantic were the important losers.

The Banana wars

To limit the import of Bananas to its colonies in Africa and the Caribbean, Europe imposed heavy tariffs on the import of Latin American bananas in 1993.

The Banana Company

Since the US companies own most of the banana farms in Latin America, the US filed eight separate complaints within the WTO. The EU agreed in 2009 to gradually reduce tariffs on bananas from Latin America.

trade war
Soldiers In Trade War

However, it’s only in 2012 that the EU and 10 Latin American countries signed an agreement to formally end all the eight WTO cases, ending the 20-year long banana war.

US-China Trade war

The China-United States trade war is an ongoing economic conflict between China and therefore the united states. President Donald Trump in 2018 began setting tariffs and other trade barriers on China with the goal of forcing it to form changes to what the U.S. says are “unfair trade practices”.

trade wa
Donald Trump And Xi Jinping At Oska Summit

Among those trade practices and their effects are the growing deficit, the theft of propertyand therefore the forced transfer of American technology to China.

trade wars

Mr Trump’s tariffs policy aims to encourage consumers to buy American products by making imported goods more expensive.


The US has imposed tariffs on more than $360bn (£268bn) of Chinese goods, and China has retaliated with tariffs on more than $110bn of US products.

India China Trade War

India China trade war is one not where it started, it has been here in India but we just weren’t aware of the situation of what likely china could do to annex other territories and business by giving out loans as we mentioned in our article – If you wanna read about that check out our article here.


So when China has all the plans set up from the starting of the decade we never knew that their communist organisations have been set up in different parts of the world. We knew only that china has been providing services to other companies at cheap prices and we all were good with it.

india china

The coronavirus came up and we people started blaming China(off course the blame goes to him).

The conspiracy theories are all over the place and the problem is people now will forget what happened and will move on and once more the Chinese companies stay down in the market and expand themselves deep down the root from manufacturing to delivery of products.

India China Conflict 6

But think about this way how do you think these Chinese have that kind of grip in the market of goods that are made in the world?

Well, the answer is they try to manufacture everything that made outside China and depending on the needs of the people of the country and once they have enough money from it they go global.

India has been purchasing everything from everywhere even the plastics we use came from China as we could have less plastic manufacturing plants than the usage of plastic.

https s3 ap northeast psh ex ftnikkei 3937bb4 images 5 5 6 4 21854655 1 eng GB Modi Xi RTX6LTKS 2048x1152

It has been started from Chinese troops occupying the strategic locations in Ladakh and the government forces them to get away from the locations laying in they have shifted in the galwan valley.

The locations they moved the Chinese troops have been supported by the Nepal communist government.

China new 571 855

There is another proxy inside the war this amid tensions where the Chinese consulate is speaking in their press conferences about solving the territorial dispute through dialogue. By conducting high-level meetings with the Army and other designated forces and on the other hands killing soldiers who do not let them enter the disputed area.

indiachinaborderpti 0

They are actually trying to lure other officials by offering a large in investments to their personal assets and giving them money as a donation to the party fund of the political parties for expanding the territorial and stoop their mouths will hell lot of money which Chinese are making by selling nasty & duplicates goods to other markets in the world.

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