3 Intriguing Secret Society(s)

secret society

Either you believe it or not, they actually exist or existed. A secret society is a club or an organization whose activities, events, inner functioning, or membership are concealed from non-members. The society may or may not attempt to conceal its existence. This doesn’t include intelligence agencies or guerrilla warfare. They maintain their public presence but hide their identities and activities.

A secret society is exclusive, has special secrets, and shows a strong inclination to favor its members. Many of their members come out openly and many remain covert and work for their goals.

Let’s begin with the top-secret societies existing and how they are influencing the world. 


  1. The Illuminati

        Illuminati symbol


The most famous secret society, because of their frequent mention in movies, stories, books, and tv. Illuminati was formed by professor Adam Weishaupt in Bavaria, Germany in 1776. He was inspired by the belief of secularism and radical thought. He recruited some of the wealthiest and influential men from Europe. They consider themselves “ the Order of Enlightened Free Thinker “.

This secret society focussed on self-improvement, self-knowledge, social reform, and free thought. They were against religion so conservatives considered them a threat to the church. So in the 1780s, it was stopped and active recruiting was criminalized. 

But it is believed the secret society of Illuminati survived and is controlling the world politics, economics, and industries, some believed that it is the group of jews while some believed its the group of communists. The most recent belief by new conspiracy theorists is that they are the part of “The New World Order” or “The One World Order”.

secret society


One World Order means the rule of a few over the entire world governed by the same rules, same religion and same economy.

From mind control to hidden symbols you can find them all around you in movies, commercial advertisements, tv, cartoons, and famous brands. They remain covert but their presence can be felt all around. Be it in “Simpsons” or “ One Dollar Bill”, “The Economist Magzine“, if you pay attention you can yourself see it around.


secret society
Front Page of Economist Magazine is filled with these words, each one has its meaning for the year 2020. Try and find out for yourself how they play an important role in THE WORLD ORDER


Some theorists believe they are followers of Satan and anti-Christ and involved in some notorious practices like human sacrifice, depopulation (you must have seen it in Avengers), black magic, Illuminati Card Game, brainwashing people at a very young age.

Major celebrities are also seen showing their allegiance with the secret society through their clothes and hand gesture showing the symbol of Illuminati. Some of the alleged names are Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Madonna.



The Illuminati has also served as inspiration for Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons and Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco.

To further, feed your curiosity you can watch 10 Interesting facts of Illuminati 

and A Video You Must Not Watch

       2.Skull and Bones Secret Society

secret society


Also known as “ The order”, “Order 322” or “The brotherhood of Death”, founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russel and Alphonso Tuft (served as judge of supreme court and father of one of the presidents of USA). Their emblem also contains number  322, which symbolizes year 322 BC when with the death of Demosthenes, Democracy was replaced by Plutocracy (rule of Elite). 

Its a department of students under Illuminati, in Yale University. 15 Students every year, only from the elite (blue blood as they call it) and very rich background are selected from the university. To fulfil the future motive of Illuminati, these kids get a push and favour so that they can reach to highest and powerful positions in order to serve the goal of a parent society. 

secret society
                         Picture of Selected Members of Skull And Bones


Members of the secret society are called “ bones man”, they are at high positions even in university too like football captains, athletes, student council chairman, etc. their meetings as secret.

Society involves weird kind of rituals, black magic, sorcery, nudity, digging graves, and stealing skulls, they are accused of stealing skulls of  Martin Van Buren, Geronimo, and Pancho Villa. Funded by Russel Trust Associaton.

Some famous members of Skull and Bones are George Bush (sr), George W Bush, Fredrik (owner of FedX), Henry Louis (former owner of Times magazine), Steven Munichin (US Secretary of Treasury), John Kerry ( former US Secretary of State), various executives and directors of CIA, high position judges, diplomats, and businessmen.

secret socity
This the picture of members of Skull and Bones society. The person circled in the picture is Ex-President of America, George W Bush.


Here is a video of some interesting recordings spilling the secret out  Yale Exclusive Secret  Society

3.The Freemasons

secret society
                                      FREEMASON SYMBOL


This is another famous secret society in the world. The group was officially founded in 1717 when four British Lodges were merged to form Britain’s, Great Lodge. Masons, as we know, are workers, craftsmen, and builders and by the nature of their work, they have to travel from city to city. They identified themselves with the symbol of compass and builder’s square, as we can see in their symbol. Some interpreted “G” at the heart of the symbol represent ‘God’.

secret society


There are documents related to them date back to as early as the 1300s. Originally created as a brotherhood where members would share some philosophical ideas as well as their belief of the existence of supreme being. They believed to be the followers of “Lucifer”.

secret society





There are more than 5 million followers of Freemasonry round the world. They are not as hidden as other secret societies, their symbol shows their presence almost everywhere from cartoons to monuments.

secret society
  You can find this outside the Denver International Airport


They have meetings which are allowed to be attended by members only. This secret society has also been criticized by catholic churches and other religious organizations,

They believe in symbology and each symbol has meaning for them.they have separate handshakes, gestures which they use to communicate with each other.

secret society


The secretive nature of the group has attracted unwanted attention over the years. Masons have been the subject of numerous international conspiracy theories and, unfortunately, these outrageous claims were believed by the Nazis who rejected and banned the practice in January 1934 in Germany. 

Two of America’s earliest presidents, George Washington and James Monroe, were Freemasons, as were Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, and Paul Revere.

There are many out in open and many hidden. They have a long history of presence in America, out of 39 who signed “The Constitution of USA” 13 were masons.



Ever since these societies are surrounded by conspiracy theories, they have baffled and inspired the generations, with rumours of groups like Illuminatis linked with every major event from the french revolution to the assassination of John F Kennedy. They have always created a stir in the environment and kept the mystery alive.

As we see all these secret societies are inter-related with each other, they more or less have the same goals and practices. They have established a belief system different from the world. For some, they are a threat to the world or religion while for some they are mythical mysteries.

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