Northeast India

Northeast India – 11 Interesting Facts from the Heaven of India

Interesting Facts about Northeast India Widely known for its diverse culture, rich biodiversity, multi-land form geography, Northeast of India has always intrigued travelers with its beauty and serenity. Here travelers…

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14 Ridiculously Expensive Things: The Billionaires Fancy

The billionaires spend their money on ridiculously expensive things which maybe looks nonsensical to the people but the lifestyle they wear and purchase expensive things that what makes them billionaire…

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How Sikkim became a part of India

Sneak Peek into How Sikkim Became A Part Of India

Sikkim One of the most attractive tourist destinations in India, famous for tea gardens and Kanchenjunga, and its natural beauty but ever wondered how Sikkim became a part of India….

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Stunning Shimla : 10 Things For Your Travel Guide

Best Tourist Spots in Shimla Summer is on the way and people rushed to their internet and find a spot to get their travel mode on. One spot in the…

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Dead Pandemics Could Arise From Places? : A Look At The History

In this time, the “Pandemic” is the word which has been persistently on our mind and this allowed the most people worry about what’s the worst could happen in a…

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Sanchi Stupa

28 Intriguing Facts Of Sanchi Stupa- The Heritage Site of Buddhisim

49 km from Bhopal also known as the city of lakes, lies around a world-famous Buddhist site of utmost importance in the small town of Sanchi where Stupa is located…

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Places to visit in Mysore

The Astounding Mysore Palace – India’s 2nd Most Visited Place In India

Located approximately 172 km away from Bangalore airport, Mysore Palace is the abode of Wadiyar dynasty. It is famous among tourists for its Indo-Saracen-Gothic architectural design, and its red-coloured domes…

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