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extinct animal

Extinct animals! what comes into mind when you hear this, dinosaurs or huge mammoth, but those are not only once extinct. There are many modern extinct animals added to the list, let us surprise you!

5 June was the World Environment Day, this year hosted by Colombia is the most celebrated day of the United Nation to encourage worldwide awareness and actions for environment protection. Despite lots of efforts, we have lost many precious animals, which were once roaming around the land and dwelling, these are called extinct animals.

After years of driving these species to the extinction, we are realising but of no use. These include pre-historic animals to ice-age animals as well as modern animals like Dodo.

Can we bring any of them back from resurrection? Find out.

Let’s begin with the top extinct  animals:


  • Aurochs

extinct animal
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They were found in Asia and Europe roaming around the forests, these mighty creatures can also be seen in the movie “Beast of the Southern wild” when they return from ancient days. 

There is a high possibility that this extinct animal is the ancestor of today’s cow but much mighty and larger, about 1.85 meters in height. Today all you can see is their few skeletons in the museum and few cave paintings in France which may date back to 20,000 years.

The last Auroch died in Poland in 1627.


  • Dodo


extinct animal
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Extinct for three centuries now, inhabited in the beautiful forest of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. Describes by experts as flightless, dumb, chubby 1 meter tall and weigh about 10 to 18 kg. 

With the arrival of Dutch sailors in the 17th century marked the extinction of Dodo, they hunt them down for food and their pets like cats, pigs, dogs etc guzzled on their eggs and outcompete them for food. Hence the bird extinct in the 1680s.



  • Sea Cow


extinct animal
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First studied and described by German Naturalist George W Keller in 1741, in the North Pacific Ocean. Steller’s sea cow is described as huge herbivorous mammals weighed around 8-10 tons and grew at least 8-10 meters. 

Related to today dugong and manatees, this extinct animal lived on seagrass, kelp and algae.

Sadly sailors and hunters soon realised the animal fatty meat and hunt them to extinction, Results, just after 27 years of discovery sea cows became extinct.



  • Great Auk


extinct animal
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This extinct animal was once penguin of the northern hemisphere, swimming across the Northern Atlantic, from Canada to Scotland.

They were black and white in color and had short wings. But in the 19th century, they were hunted in large number for their meat, feather and oil. As some would believe that they have supernatural powers. 

They were unscared and flightless, made them auk-some prey for humans. The last great auks are believed to have been shot in Iceland in 1844.



  •  Passenger Pigeon


extinct animal
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Once the native of North America they were in millions. They were one of the most social birds in North America, but they were wiped out due to loss of habitat and hunting.

Deforestation leads to habitat loss and their meat was considered as a cheap source of food for poor, resulted in mass hunting. The Passenger Pigeon died out in the wild by around 1900, with the last known individual dying in captivity in 1914.



  • Tasmanian Tiger


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Thylacine, the extinct animal is gone for about 84 years, last seen in Tasmanian Hobart Zoo, Australia in 1936. Once the largest meat-eating marsupial, related to kangaroo or koala, it resembles between the wolf and the tiger.

They had yellow-brown fur, stripes on its back, thick and long tail.

Humans are to be blamed for their extinction,  these predators would thrive on sheep and other livestock, so European settlers were quick to kill them. Now, Tasmanian lives digitally on youtube and some believe they still may be prowling in wild somewhere on the planet.

You can see him here: Footage of Last Known Tasmanian Tiger



  •  Gastric Brooding Frog


extinct animal
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Can you imagine a frog delivering little frogs right from its mouth? Yes, it is true, this extinct animal is unique in terms of its breeding process. 

Brooding frog mothers would swallow its frogpawns, brooding them inside their stomach for 6 to 7 weeks, having turned off their digestive juices and stop eating. They give birth through projectile vomit.

These Australian Amphibians were discovered in 1973 and wiped out within a decade in the 1980s.



  • Black African Rhinoceros


extinct animal

These were once inhabitants of the African continent, roaming in wild. Measuring 3-3.8 metres in length and 1.4-1.7 metres in height, this rhino would have weighed 800-1,300 kg. It had two horns, one measuring 0.5-1.3 metres and the other between 2-55cm. 

Many believed that their horn had medicinal properties and were poached for the same. Despite many conservation efforts their number declined drastically and it was officially declared extinct in 2011, last rhino was sighted in Cameroon in 2006.



  • Northern White Rhino


extinct animal
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This extinct animal is sub-species of functionally extinct White Rhino. On March 20, 2018, the last male rhino ‘Sudan’ died in Kenya, Africa. 

Now, only two female northern white rhino are left in the conservancy, last of their kind, leaving no scope for natural breeding.

Sudan had developed an infection in his back leg and succumbed to death, he had also been suffering age-related issues, and infection worsened his condition.

They were aggressively hunted for their skin and horn pushing them to this stage where an official death of species is registered. 



  • White Giraffe


extinct animal
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Recently in March 2020, when the entire world was dealing with the pandemic corona and every soul was locked down. Some greedy poachers took advantage of empty sanctuary in Kenya. 

It was reported that two in the family of three extraordinarily rare white giraffes were killed by poachers. They were discovered in 2017 by Hirola Conservation Program. They explained these giraffes had rare condition leucism, results in partial loss of giraffes’ pigmentation. 

Authorities declared a mother and her calf of seven months dead after they were found in a skeleton state.

It was a dark day Ijara community, custodian of white giraffe and Kenya as a whole. Now only one is left in wild, a bull born in 2017.


Try and answer these questions to yourself, what your insight answer!


Who would you blame for these extinctions?

If we could bring an extinct animal species back, should we?

What if you get a wish to resurrect one of the extinct animal, who would you choose? My favourite is White Giraffe, they are huge, mighty and gentle creatures and marvel of God creation. I wish they could be resurrected or would never have gone extinct.



All these extinct animals were once roaming and living on this planet just like us, These wonderful creatures got affected by Climate Change, heating, cooling and changes in sea level. Habitat destruction from farming, land expansion for houses and industries. 

Can you figure out any other reason for their disappearance?

Some scientists say we are going towards mass extinction just like the extinction of dinosaurs, as the rate of extinction of different species is very fast. Human has done nothing but accelerated this rate through his actions.

Do Do you agree with this? If yes, please look around and figure out what you can contribute to your planet. 

Be a part of the change, Together we can, Together we will.


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