8 Disturbing Websites : Avoid Hanging Out Here!

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Some disturbing websites came into existence as the COVID – 19 is around here now people have been finding curiosity on webpages and other sites like dark web and came into as the internet traffic surged up to 70% in all the countries

Even the google earth and street view started years ago was now became useful and to satisfy people staying at home and watching distant places through satellite imaging.

This being said some organisations have made websites on the different datasets available in public or in the dark web which has been made to easily visual for the different things available on the website.

These are based on the public datasets or mostly are not available for some particular places due to secrecy of the websites. Here we present the websites that have unspeakable data and you once visit may never be the same.

1.Homicide Monitor

disturbing website


Website: Homicide.igarape.org.br

The Homicide Monitor was designed with a wide variety of users in mind. The goal is to show policymakers, journalists, scholars, and activists how lethal violence is distributed, whether spatially, temporally or demographically.

Some countries and population groups are much more at risk of dying violently than others. Better diagnosis of how homicide is spread can help in the design of effective violence prevention and reduction measures.

The website consists of the information about what country the homicide was done and which weapon was used and even the maps of colours tell us the story of genocides done in the past. Cruel !!

Where does the data come from? Speculation is the most data come from the dark web and other ways where data is selling openly on the websites

The Homicide Monitor is the most comprehensive publicly available dataset on murder in the world. It is a data-driven data visualization platform designed to show the distribution, dimensions and dynamics of homicidal violence in an interactive and accessible manner


Website: Goodbyewarden.com

This disturbing website sends chills over the spine, this is no less than a horror story. This website contains the last thing inmates said just before when they were executed. We have tried reading some of the stories and they contain some hidden messages which will not let you sleep.

This page is not intended to glorify or denounce the accused. It is not intended to promote or criticize any religion. Rather, it is simply intended to explore the mindsets of 565 human beings who faced certain, unavoidable death.

Over 1,500 death row inmates have been executed in the United States since capital punishment was re-authorized in 1976, 565 of whom were put to death in the state of Texas alone.

Have look at this site and horror.

disturbing Websites

3.World Birth and Deaths real-time.

Website:- http://worldbirthsanddeaths.com/

This website depicts the live simulation of people who born and die at a time.

Doesn’t the numbers surprise us and the numbers are never-ending?

births and deaths

This simulation is based on current rates (and populations). So it, of course, does not necessarily suggest anything about long-term patterns. Its a kinda disturbing website but churn out a lot of information

4.The Debt Clock

Website: https://usdebtclock.org

The Debt Clock is the most updated websites which give information about the debt is distributed along with the US department, this website shows the financial condition of the countries and the numbers are seemed to shock you so much and it’s increasing.

As there are many fields you can see the information on each field to get the information by just hovering on them.

debt clock

What’s more surprising that there is a section where the GDP of the countries are shown in real-time. Interesting!

5. Doomsday Clock

website: https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock

This website is the ultimate clock that has been built by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. This clock has been built as some time to midnight, where “midnight” is the word for absolute chaos and end of humanity.

The Bulletin began as an emergency action, created by scientists who saw an immediate need for a public reckoning in the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This was formed as there needed a greater cause to an explanation of the effect of bombings done on humans.

Doomsday Clock

The COVID-19 was the nearest we reached as the clock predicted “100 seconds to the midnight”. This was a really serious situation as we know.

We can read similar statements in previous years as well which will send you chills through your Spine. Kind of Geeky but real useful predictions based on the current situation.

It became 3 min 30 seconds in 2010 to 100 seconds in 2020. A shift of paradigms per 10 years.


6. The Bomb Blast Scenario

Website: Outrider.org

This website is kinda more creepy and it just doesn’t get filthier as we go down to and discover.

This website produces the simulation of the worst scenarios and imagining the current scenarios (of course life’s unpredictable!!) based on the statistical data available in the public.

There’s a challenge in the website named nuclear challenge which when you use my location tab it can give you all the fatalities and deaths could occur when a nuclear bomb was exploded right where you’d be sitting.

We just took the tour of the website and it was pretty damn scary and considered most disturbing website.

Disturbing Websites

If you wanna explore the place there is a thing called blast effect which will show you the fireball, radiation, shockwave and heat will impact on the location you selected.

I tried putting on someone’s location and it shows some statistics which are pretty disturbing and selected TSAR Bomb(Largest Bomb Ever Exploded). The circle shows the intensity of fireball, Heat, Shock Wave, Radiation. Call it an innovation or some great statistics calculation.

disturbing Website

7.Collection Of World Ending Scenario

Website: http://exitmundi.nl/exitmundi.htm

This website consists of the scenarios imagining the situation of catastrophic events which would lead to the extinction of the humans on the earth. It doesn’t mean that human can only face extinction only by Nukes but there are more scenarios which humans can be extinct. This disturbing website shows all the scenario and stories related to them.


The Website has all the imagined scenarios in them and is kinda real treat to eyes.


These websites have much of the information and sometimes disturb the public but that’s a harsh reality.

We personally visited each disturbing website and took out the information and we just advise you not to visit the websites but some of them are made for educational purpose as only people with great expertise on the subject can only visit the websites for the data.

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