10 Delicious Street Food in Delhi

delicious street food

Delicious Delhi! Yes, it is not only known for monuments or cultural history but also for the food. Delhi and delhiests are no doubt foodies, you can find cuisines from all over the world. You name it, we have it.

But what captures the essence and spirit of the city is the “street food”.

I hope before reading it you have full tummy otherwise it can cause serious cravings. Mark these delicious dishes and places on your chart to eat before you die! 

Let’s go on the inexhaustible ride of delicious street food of Delhi.


  • Daulat ki chat, Old Delhi

delicious street food
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Chat may sound to you as something sour or salty, but this is unique and sweet. Made up of Moonlight, dewdrops and lots of love.

During the night when temperature drops and night turns frosty, cooks in walled city Delhi carry cauldrons of milk in open and churn it under the moonlight, hour after hour as dewdrops fall gently on the froth that is formed and carefully shifted out in a separate container. 

Later it served with sugar and flavouring, yes its is sweet and delicious. 

If not tried yet, add to the list. Visit the lanes of Chandi chok right after the lockdown.


  • Mohabbat Ka Sharbat, Old Delhi

delicious street food

Just like its name, this delicious drink is filled with love from our childhood.

Remember the hot summer noons after school, when we used to drink Roohafza with ice cubes in water or milk.

It contains the same ingredients milk, Roohafza, ice cubes and freshly cut watermelon. Making it a perfect summer cooler.

delicious street food
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You can find it in two versions one with water and one with milk, my favourite is one with milk.

Located in front of Jama Masjid Gate No. 1, cost only Rs. 20 per glass.


  • Kulfi Faluda At Roshan Di Kulfi, Karol Bagh.

delicious street food
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Between hustle-bustle and a tiring visit to the market, Roshan di kulfi is perfect solace for foodies. 

It offers you its famous Chole Bhatura, Raj Kachori, Golgappas, a lip-smacking larges tumbler of lassi and much more chat items and Chinese food. But as you can see the name suggest its fame is Kulfi that is served with Faluda.

A perfect respite to intolerable and blistering heat fo Delhi. 

It severs one of the best kulfis in Delhi. Cost Rs: 120 per plate.


  • Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Zahra, Okhladelicious street food

Who doesn’t love biryani, all foodies are united with this feeling, the love for biryani.

Delhi has numerous competing outlets serving delicious biryani. 

This small outlet serving one of the best delicious flavourful biryani in Delhi. Spicy chicken filled with flavours added to the semi-cooked basmati rice, together they put on dum, which extracts the perfect mouth watery delicious flavour. 

Taste is enhanced when mixed with ‘raita’.

Zahra is also famous for ‘Tandoori Chai”, so don’t miss out on it. You will become a fan of the earthy taste of the chai.

delicious street food
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They also have a takeaway option. Cost of 1 kg of Biryani is Rs 200 and Tandoori Chai for Rs 20.


  • Shawarma, Al-bake, Friends Colony

delicious street food
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This place is the reason Delhi went crazy for this Lebanese dish.

Shawarma is the delicious dish in which meat, here chicken is grilled for long, then this meat is chopped and filled into cushion-like soft pita bread.

Served with mayonnaise and green chatni. Once you try it there is no going back, your tongue will crave for it more than often.

For vegetarians, they have the option of paneer shawarma. Apart from this delicacy, they have a range of Mughlai and Chinese food.

delicious street food
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A perfect place to give a treat to your friends under budget.

They also have various outlets in different malls food courts like one in Mall of India, Noida.

One Shawarma cost Rs 60 only.


  • Odeon/ Shukla Paan shop, Cannaught Place

lbb 2
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Right in front of the odeon movies theatre, this tiny Paan Shop servers wide range of flavours of Paan.

The most famous and most unique speciality of this place is “Chuski Paan”. Stuffed with syrup and crushed ice served right into your mouth. So there is no need to worry about staining your clothes from the syrup.

delicious street food
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Right after the moment, Paan is stuffed into your mouth you will be lost into juice, flavours, sweetness and yes a short flavoursome brain freeze too might happen.

Heaven for every Paan lover also serves diet Paan for health-conscious Paan lovers.

Cost of Paan starts from Rs 50


  • Rahul Momos and Pasta Shop, Karol Bagh

delicious street food
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Momos have become staple street food of Delhi and took over the streets like a swarm. But only few are serving authentic self-made momos, mostly sell factory-made momos. 

Rahul Momos are one of the few outlets that sell hand made momos, with fresh red sauce and mayonnaise, with a good pinch of oregano seasoning on top of it.

They have the option of veg, non-veg and paneer momos. (you must try all)

Apart from momos they also serve delicious pasta in white and red gravy. Freshly made in front of you, can pull you towards it due to its lip-smacking creamy texture and a mouth-watering flavour.

delicious street food
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Cost of momos per plate is Rs 50 and Pasta per plate is Rs 60, they also give take away option.


  • Dahi Bhalle , Natraj, Chandni chowk

delicious street food
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When you think of a delicious, flavoursome chat coupled with texture and taste, Natraj will not disappoint you.

The shop has only two items in the menu one is soft delicious mouth watery melt into your mouth ‘Dahi Bhalla chat’ and crispy fried daal filled Tikkis, both will take away your heart in the first bite.

Try at least once in your lifetime, next when you visit Chandni Chowk. Situated at a 2-minute walk away from Chandni Chowk metro station.

Cost Rs 50 per plate


  • Aalu Chat, Bishan Swaroop Chat corner, Chandni Chowk

delicious street food
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For best and tastiest aalu chat you must head to the Bishan Aalu chat corner. With some secret masala and years old prestige. They are serving unique delicious chats, exceptionally Aalu-Kachalu chat.

Cost less than Rs 200 for two person.


  • Stuffed kulfi, Kuremal  Kulfi Wala, Chawri Bazar

delicious street food
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They serve kulfi filled inside the fruit itself, like mango, pomegranate (anar), apple, orange and other fruits.

Established in 1906, serving unique and delicious kulfis since then. They have their website and also serve to bigger demands like parties and marriages.

delicious street food
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Serving 100% natural kulfis for more than,  100 years, it will be a real unfair if you die before trying it once.

Located near Chawri Bazar Metro station, cost Rs 200 per piece.

watch yourself kulfi inside the fruit


Amidst the pandemic, many foodies must be left bonedry with only the desire of eating street food, if you are the one, this is the list just for you. Delhiites are born between melting cultures and cuisines, no doubt they are born with an appetite.

Taste these chaats around the city and feel blessed to be born here.

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