Blue Flag Beaches In India – 8 Breathtaking Must Visit Beaches in India

Blue Flag beach-puri

Some good news in 2020 this year for India, Our Country became the first in the world in which a total of 8 beaches of our has been granted the Blue Flag certificate at one time.

It’s not Goa, not  Puducherry, these are some less known beaches which have been granted the Blue Flag certificate. We bring you the details of 8 Blue Flag beaches in India.

Blue Flag Tag
Blue Flag label

Firstly What is Blue Flag Beach?

It is one kind of certification provided to a beach, tourism operator near a coastal region or marina to serve them as eco-label. Which means they are following all guidelines as per the standard which causes no harm to the environment.

This certification is known to be an indicator of high environmental standards just like #heritage tag granted by the UNESCO  to world heritage sites.

This tag is given to beaches after estimating 33 criteria like safety, amenities, walkways, environmental standards etc which are mainly classified into 4 following criteria.

  • Environmental education and information- The marina, tourism operator must follow all environmental guidelines having proper walkways and with labels on it and other information and must ensure the visitors must harm or pollute the environment.
  • Bathing water quality-  The marina or beach or the tour operator who applies for this tag must ensure the water must be clean without any pollution and should be fit for people to the bath, unlike the urban beaches where polluted water from the city gets disposed to seawater.
  • Environmental management and conservation:-The applier must be all environmental guidelines without any damage to flora and fauna with proper cleanliness maintain.
  • Services-All amenities like toilets, walkways with proper labels, toilets for disabled people parking.

It is granted by a Denmark based non-profit organisation known as Foundation for Environmental Education(FEE).

It is awarded to a beach or marina which is member of FEE and fulfil all the criteria and is a member of FEE and applies for it.

Blue Flag History

France was the first to awarded with this certification in 1985  and later from 1987 it has been implemented in Europe,  from 2001 it has been awarded outside Europe and South Africa was the African to have this. Most of the blue flag beaches are in Europe with the highest number of blue flag beach in Spain(around 578 with 101 marinas)

Total number of Flag beach in world
Top 5 countries with the highest number of blue flag beach (

In October 2020, 8 beaches of India have provided with the Blue Flag certification these are not the mainstream ones, until then only UAE, South Korea and Japan had only 2 of them.

Chandrabhaga beach in Puri was the first beach in India to get the blue flag certificate.

Blue Flag Beach
Chandrabhaga Beach, Puri

List of Blue Flag Beaches in India:-

  • Golden Beach, Puri -Odisha- Just 3 km away from the Jagganath Temple Puri (One of char Dham sites ) famous for its golden sand and Sudarshan Patnaik (Famous sand artist of India) sand art school.Pilgrims who visit over here also refer it as Swargdwar beach.
    Blue Flag Beach

    Blue Flag beach-puri
    Sand artist Sudarshan patnaik art work at puri beach(PC:-creator)
  • Rushikonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh-Just 10 km away from the city of Vishakhapatnam, Rushikonda Beach is also famous for golden sands, tidal waves amongst the lush greenery around and the water sport like surfing, water skiing etc.

    Rushikonda beach (Blue Flag Beach)
  • Kappad Beach, Kozhikode (Kerala):- The historical beach situated in Kozhikode, where Vasco-da-Gama landed in India in 1498 along with his 170 men, surrounded by rocks and small hills a historic beach with a site of migratory birds.

    Kappad Beach
  • Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands-  Situated on Swaraj Island(earlier havelock island), is known to be as Asia’s best beach and 7th best beach in the world. One of the most spectacular beach in India with white sands, cleanliness, calm waves and lush green surroundings.

    Radhanagar Beach:-Blue Flag beach
  • Kasarkod Beach, Karnataka – A  calm cool and less explored beach in a small town of Kasarkod in, just 170 km from Goa.

    Kasarkod Beach
  • Padubidri Beach, Karnataka- One of the cleanest and beautiful beaches of Karnataka and is situated in the beautiful district of  Udupi in Karnataka. This beach has its own wastewater treatment plant where wastewater gets treated first before getting disposed to sea

    Padubidri-Blue Flag Beach
  • Ghoghla Beach, Diu:- Situated 15 km away from Diu in ghoghla village a less explored beach and one of cleanest beach with a splendid view to offer with golden sand, one can enjoy water sports like Parasailing, surfing and Banana boat.
  • Shivrajpur Beach, Dwarka:-  just 12 km away from the religious city of Dwarka famous for white sands and spectacular view.


All the beaches we have mentioned above are somewhat less known and less explored that’s  why they are so clean and well maintained so, therefore deserved to be in the list of Blue Flag beaches in India, but we sure want our beaches in urban areas must be clean and well maintained so that they can get this tag, so it’s our responsibility to keep our coast clean.

Endnote:-India has a total coastline 7516 km and has a number of beaches,  we have brought you the list of 8 Beaches With Blue Flag Tag but there several other which have been less explored like the Digha, Ratnagiri, Chandipur and many more to come.

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