"A small team of adventurous guys who love to explore.We are one of the team which helps
you to get all the things under your mind by
bursting the scuttlebutt, and by showing the right things which matters you on all the way
and perhaps, We don’t do things which helps
to lick your elbow (and if it’s possible you probably need a bigger for that)"


Chandan Satapathy

A Youtuber,aspiring blogger who loves to travel and explore , working professional ....

Pankaj Prasad

I'm Pankaj, The Very Defence Background Allowed Me To Travel Almost All Places In India.I'm An Aspiring Data Scientist And Allowing Myself To Travel And Explore The Hell Out The World.Yes Of Course I Am Athletic, I Surf The Internet Every Day Or Just Blog..

Swarnima Dharwal

A traveler by spirit. I love reading stories about past, present and future. I paddle on the wheels of my imagination and carry myself to restricted areas. Currently trying my luck at being travel writer and hoping this turns out to be resourceful for all

Fozia Gulzar

I am curious explorer ,a food lover and a travel enthusiast,not far from being wanderlust.I love to narrate stories and here I am trying to be productive resource person for some travel lovers.