9 Best Immunity Boosters

immunity booster

Immunity booster! what you all must be hearing the most in these days. While we are surrounded by this ‘Devil Lite’, Corona, everyone is worried about his/her immunity. I have made this list of some easily available immunity boosters, that you must add to your diet in order to stay healthy and protected. 

Not only you will be protected from common cold and flu but it will also shield you from other viruses. Moreover, it will provide your body with the strength to fight with any unwanted element in the body be it a virus, bacteria or any microscopic intruder.

Plan your meals to include these powerful immunity boosters in it.

Vitamin C

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This is the great immunity booster and also easily available around you. You can just squeeze some drops of lemon on your salad or in water. Not only lemon, but there is also a long list of fruits with Vitamin C.




Amla or gooseberry (the powerhouse of nutrients, also available in powder and juice form)

Bell peppers( they have thrice the Vitamin C of oranges)

Kiwi (also has other nutrients that balance body functions)


Our body doesn’t produce or store Vitamin C so we have to take our daily dose from outside. It boosts our white blood cells to fight infections,  it helps you to recover faster from infections.


Senna leaves

immunity booster
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Senna is a herb used to make medicines. But not many people know that this is an incredible immunity booster. You can just buy it from store or online and make ‘kadha‘ or tea from it.

It is also available is powder, liquid and tablets form. It is also used as a laxative.

If you are suffering from any flu or corona just make a tea of it. 


Just boil two cups of water and add one tablespoon of leaves in it, let it boil for ten minutes and drink it or you can simply add to your regular ‘kadha’. 

If you are not suffering from any infection, so just make tea by boiling 3-4 leaves with your ‘kadha’ it will boost your immunity and will improve your bowel system.

you can buy it from here: Senna/Sanay leaves


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This is a herbal tea in which you add some spices and herbs that will boost your immunity. From time immemorial when we didn’t have specialists and pharmacists, our ancestors used these herbal drinks to cure themselves of infections. They are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants. We have the knowledge but we are vulnerably dependent on allopathy. 

The need of the hour is that we should boost our immunity and make ourself less dependent on medicine or drugs. Add this simple herbal tea into your diet to see the visible benefits.

How to make an immunity booster ‘kadha’.

Boil two cups of water to make one cup of kadha


2-3 cloves

7-8 black pepper

1 piece of cinnamon

3-4 senna leaves (if you don’t have it you can skip it )

1 piece of crushed ginger

Few leaves of Tulsi or tulsi drops

1 tablespoon honey

Boil it for ten minutes and drink it hot. Boiling will extract the juices and benefits out from them and you can simply drink it.

Every herb has its own remedial benefits, black pepper and cloves directly target fever and flu. Ginger and cinnamon aids digestion and are good for your throat. And making your gut healthy ultimately adds to the immunity.

It will not only boost your immunity but also detox your body and improve your overall health.



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Chavanprash is an amazing immunity booster, loaded with herbs and spices. That aids body in the production of haemoglobin and white blood cells. Amla is the vital component it detoxifies the body, cleanses blood, liver and spleen. It has honey and ghee as other components which act as catalyst in reaching out to our cells.

Adds to our muscle mass and known for immunity boosting from ages.

Take two spoons daily in the morning and feel more powerful.



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Dryfruits like walnuts, dates and almonds are super-rich in Vitamin E and minerals that help in building immunity. 4-5 water-soaked almonds and 3-4 walnuts will be enough for an adult vitamin needs. 

They are filled with fibre that keeps your tummy full for a longer time. So with them, you can also manage your weight.

immunity booster
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Few reasons you should eat dates:

They are rich in iron

Lower your cholesterol

Improves bone health

Rich in vitamins and nutrients

Improves skin and digestion

I think these are enough reasons to add dates into your diet, it’s an old saying ‘one date has the energy of one chapati’. Start eating 2 dates in a day and feel the change.


Green tea

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From a few years drinking green tea has been in trend, but do you know the actual benefits it has apart from being a great drink for fat burning and weight loss.

Its benefits give it a supercharge edge over other hot beverages. It not only provides a daily dose of caffeine but also has several other advantages, such as :

Rich in flavonoids, that reduces coronary inflammation hence good for heart health

Rich in antioxidants

Improves metabolism


Turmeric Milk or Golden Milk

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Turmeric has a high concentration of curcumin, which gives it its unique color. Curcumin helps in reducing muscle damage after a workout. It is a promising immunity booster and has anti-viral properties. 

Just add a pinch or two in boiling milk and add some sugar or jaggery. Drink it hot before sleeping.

It will:

Soothe and heal the muscles and joint pain,

Improve memory, brain function and also improves skin,

Lower blood sugar level,

Improve heart health.


Ajwain-Zeera chai

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Ajwain or carrom seeds is known as an amazing digestive aid, have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect plus good for heart health.

Apart from being an essential ingredient of the majority of Indian cuisines Zeera or Cumin seeds promotes digestion, reduces weight and fights blood pressure and cholesterol.

Both ajwain and zeera have properties to improve digestion and we all know good digestion leads to better immunity.

Make your digestion stronger in order to fight any disease. Add these two into your diet or just make a tea using it. 

We Indians can add loads of species into our chai so why not these?

Make ajwain-zeera chai, how?

Make normal milk tea, while boiling tea leaves just add a half-crushed pinch of zeera and a half-crushed pinch of ajwain into it. Also, add some tulsi leaves and crushed ginger in it, to make it more tasty and healthy.


Power Veggies

When we talk about immunity and diet how can we forget veggies, they are loaded with the goodness of health and nature’s blessings. Let’s look at some you must add to your diet in this pandemic season.


Green veggies

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They are packed with vitamins, minerals and fibre. 

Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables you can add to your plate, it is loaded with Vitamin A, C and E, antioxidants and fibre.

Spinach is not only rich in Vitamin C but also rich in antioxidants and beta carotene that produces infection-fighting ability in our immune system.



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Apart from world-famous garlic bread or garlic butter, it has other heroic roles too. Since ancient times garlic is known for fighting infections. This is also an immunity booster, gets these properties from the heavy concentration of the sulphur-containing compounds, such as allicin. It prevents common cold and flu.



It has every benefit a sick person needs or a healthy person requires. Fights cholesterol, inflammation, relieves pain, cramps, nausea, treat sore throat and many more. Just add it without any second thoughts. Make tea, add it to your food or just boil it in water and drink it.



Start eating right and see how you and your family stay protected from cold and flu. A healthy body can fight any illness be it common cold, flu or corona. Make yourself and your family ready to fight from inside as you never know when this invisible ‘devil lite’ would attack any one of us. Eating once won’t help, you will have to be constant in eating and only then you will be strong enough to fight. Take care of your self and your family and stay protected and healthy.

Note: Don’t overdo anything mentioned here, follow the dosage and portion given. They may have some side-effects if taken in excess.

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